Go from Personal Trainer to Badass Fitness Entrepreneur with The EmpowerU Methods.

Our personalized mentorship and coaching will take you from overworked personal trainer/athletic trainer to fitness mini mogul…


Consistently generate income without having to be in the gym with clients every second of the day by learning the art of delegating to a coaching team.


Win back your free time and create a lifestyle you love by earning more than enough income to take time off to eat out at your favorite restaurants, spend time with friends and family, and enjoy vacations.


Become a leader and CEO that controls their business like a BOSS and lives the life of an empowered entrepreneur, instead of stressed out solopreneur.
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EmpowerU 1:1 Business Coaching

Empowering you to build your best professional life in business. This program is designed for wellness entrepreneurs.  Maximize productivity and profits with your online business!


EmpowerU Business Academy

A Group Business Coaching Program for Experienced Wellness Entrepreneurs to learn how to successfully attract paying customers and get their technical operations set up, and 2-5x their revenue!


Stop the Money Struggle Madness Course

This program is a 5-day intensive money mentorship that will help you to go from feeling worried, frantic, and fearful about money to feeling safe, abundant, and powerful!


EmpowerU Radio Show Podcast

EmpowerU Radio exposes you to the evidence based truth with balanced clinical practice behind all things Leadership, Mindset, Health, Nutrition and the healthcare profession of Athletic Training.  Your host Eric Gahan is an athletic trainer with 20 years experience.



EmpowerU Online Coaching will help you THRIVE instead of survive.


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