EmpowerU 1:1 Business Coaching

with Artemis Scantalides and Eric Gahan

Start, grow, and scale your online business, heal your relationship with money, own+earn your worth, master the Law of Attraction, and just say “NO” to burnout.

Through the EmpowerU coaching method, we give you practical guidance, energetic support, and game-changing strategy, so that you can step firmly into your CEO shoes and confidently own and operate your DREAM multiple 6-figure online business.

The EmpowerU coaching method combines practical principles and spiritual+energetic strategy to help you get off the hamster wheel, say “Sayonara!” to the Sunday Scaries, and step into your CEO shoes so that you can create your DREAM business and LIFE!

Generate Income

Learn how to consistently generate income without trading time for money, and instead,

 Create redefined hands-off offers and a higher ticket for a higher-touch offer.

 Implement sustainable automated systems.

 Hire support.

 Learn and apply a deep understanding of and willingness to work through your own mental, emotional, and energetic blocks that are blocking your abundance.

Free Time

Win back your free time and create a lifestyle you love by earning more than enough income to take time off, to eat out at your favorite restaurants, spend time with friends and family, and enjoy vacations.


Become a leader and CEO that controls your business like a BOSS and lives the life of an empowered entrepreneur, instead of stressed out solopreneur.


Create a scalable business that has almost limitless growth potential with a predictable model that you can use over and over again.

New Leads

Bring in a downpour of new leads and easily market your services with a program unlike anything else in the market that has clients lining up to work with you.

Grow Your Network

Become a sought-after leader in your industry and grow your network via speaking engagements, podcast interviews and media opportunities.
Would you like to start and/or grow and scale your online business but do not know how?
Are you struggling to make ends meet with the income from your job that you hate and wake up everyday wishing you knew how to turn your passion into a business so that you could leave your dead end job, have personal and financial freedom, and live your DREAM life?
Do you feel stuck day in and day out, living groundhog day every day, without any foreseeable growth financial or otherwise?  
Do you want to make 5 figure $$ months?

Do you have an online business and are struggling to:

» Generate consistent income?
» Grow past $10k months or even hit $10k months consistently?
» Work ON your business because you are constantly working IN your business?
» Want to hire help but can’t get out of the weeds task-wise and financially because you are constantly working IN your business and therefore struggle to get organized to determine a budget to hire help and figure out what tasks to delegate?


» Go from being a Solopreneur to a CEO?
» Convert leads to sales?


» Generate leads?


» Get organized with what programs to offer and when?


» Crush launches and instead regularly have failed launches?


» Have an annual launch plan structure that solidifies consistent income?


» Get organized with finances and know your weekly/monthly/3-month projection of revenue and expenses?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, WE CAN HELP YOU. 


What People Are Saying......

Artemis had been running her online fitness training business alongside her in-person training business and strength training job with Cirque du Soleil.
She was terrified to let go of her multiple revenue streams to focus on online training, but she was running herself ragged trying to do it all.

She set 3 goals:

1. Get 5 1:1 online training clients

2. Start to transition her business to 100% online

3. Make $100K within 12 months

Artemis filled 5 spots in less than 10 days after launching.

She achieved her goal of transitioning the business to 100% online 8 MONTHS EARLY. 


And she hit the $100K financial goal 1 MONTH EARLY

So she set the next goals: 

  • Grow the business to multiple 6-figures
  • Take what she learned, partner with her husband Eric, and pivot the business from fitness coaching to business coaching for online entrepreneurs

Within 12-weeks of launching business coaching, the business had:

  • A full client roster of 16 clients
  • Its first $25k monthup $10k from its previous highest month of $15k.

And it has only grown from there.

Together, Artemis and Eric use practical business principles and spiritual strategy to help ALL wellness entrepreneurs say NO to burnout so they can start, grow, and scale their online business.

ERIC brings his 20 years of experience as a brick-and-mortar business owner, online entrepreneur, and sought-after service provider to mentor and coach his students.

Eric has studied the books, courses, and actions of millionaires through the writing of Napoleon Hill, T. Herv Eker and Amanda Frances. 

On a daily basis, Eric works closely with online business owners through 1:1 and group coaching programs. He is hellbent on helping new entrepreneurs understand and charge their worth, boosting their businesses over and above the 6-figure mark.

Eric’s super power is helping his clients overcome imposter syndrome, rediscover their power, and build a badass business that mirrors their greatness.


After hitting a lifetime low when he stepped out of clinical practice, Eric dug deep. He did the HARD
inner subconscious and limiting beliefs work taught by Gabby Bernstein, Maxwell Maltz, and Neville Goddard.

He stopped at nothing to develop a robust inner mindset that has elevated him to unprecedented levels.

Eric now shares his strategies with new and experienced online entrepreneurs to help them discover how to truly manifest the life and business they desire.


Eric incorporates time-tested money mindset and personal growth methods to help you overcome the challenges of building a thriving online business.

1:1 Business Coaching includes:

✔ Access to TWO coaches - Artemis AND Eric

✔ One 120 Min Business Assessment, Strategy & Planning Call

 ✔ Two 90 Min 1:1 Calls Per Month
(12 Calls Total)

✔ Access to EmpowerU Business Academy Modules & Call Recordings/Trainings

✔ Access to the EmpowerU Annual LIVE Event

✔ Support via SLACK & VOXER 

Please note: Submission does not guarantee a coaching spot.
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