EmpowerU 1:1 Business Coaching

with Artemis Scantalides and Eric Gahan

Through EmpowerU 1:1 Business Coaching, online coaching program. Artemis and Eric help Fitness and Healthcare Professionals build their online business to 100k and beyond without burnout.

Our Exclusive Personalized 1:1 Business Coaching will take you from overworked personal trainer/Healthcare Provider to CEO fitness mogue

Generate Income

Consistently generate income without having to be in the gym with clients every second of the day by learning the art of delegating to a coaching team.

Free Time

Win back your free time and create a lifestyle you love by earning more than enough income to take time off, to eat out at your favorite restaurants, spend time with friends and family, and enjoy vacations.


Become a leader and CEO that controls their business like a BOSS and lives the life of an empowered entrepreneur, instead of stressed out solopreneur.


Create a scalable business that has almost limitless growth potential with a predictable model that you can use over and over again.

New Leads

Bring in a downpour of new leads and easily market your services with a program unlike anything else in the market that has clients lining up to work with you.

Grow Your Network

Become a sought-after fitness influencer and grow your network to all corners of the industry via speaking engagements, podcast interviews and media opportunities.
Do you have an in-person business and would like to transition 100% online but do not know how?  
Are you struggling to make ends meet with the income that you are making from your personal training business and wondering if you are going to need to change careers in order to have financial freedom?  
Are you struggling to grow beyond 5 figures?  
Do you feel stuck day in and day out, living groundhog day every day, without any foreseeable growth financial or otherwise?  
Do you want to add an easy 5 figures to your annual income?


Do you have an online business and are struggling to:

» Generate consistent income?
» Grow past $10k months or even hit $10k months consistently?
» Work ON your business because you are constantly working IN your business?
» Want to hire help but can’t get out of the weeds task-wise and financially because you are constantly working IN your business and therefore struggle to get organized to determine a budget to hire help and figure out what tasks to delegate?


» Go from being a Solopreneur to a CEO?
» Convert leads to sales?


» Generate leads?


» Get organized with what programs to offer and when?


» Crush launches and instead regularly have failed launches?


» Have an annual launch plan structure that solidifies consistent income?


» Get organized with finances and know your weekly/monthly/3-month projection of revenue and expenses?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, Artemis and Eric CAN HELP YOU. 


What People Are Saying......


About Artemis

Artemis launched the EmpowerU 1:1 online fitness and nutrition coaching program with the goal of transitioning her business to 100% online within 12 months.  

At the time she was making less than 30k in gross revenue from an online business. Therefore, she also had a financial goal to make 100k.  

When EmpowerU was launched, she was juggling multiple jobs,  

1. Strength Coach for Cirque du Soleil’s show KÀ.

2. Training small groups, in person, in her garage 2x/week.

3. Managing a small client load with her online business.  

Since starting an online business in 2012, Artemis had never solely dedicated herself 100% to building an online business. When she set the goal to transition her business 100% online, she was scared and nervous that she would fail. 

Despite these feelings, she was ready to try.  

Given her multiple jobs, she had the bandwidth to take on 5 EmpowerU 1:1 clients.  


As soon as the EmpowerU 1:1 online fitness and nutrition coaching program was launched, she had a phenomenal response and filled the 5 spots in less than 10 days.  

6 WEEKS LATER Artemis left Cirque du Soleil to keep up with the demand of the EmpowerU 1:1 online fitness and nutrition coaching program.

8 WEEKS LATER she said "goodbye" to her in-person clients to keep up with the demand the EmpowerU 1:1 online fitness and nutrition coaching program and the teaching schedule for her women’s strength workshop, I Am Not Afraid To Lift®.  

Artemis achieved her goal of transitioning the business to 100% online 8 MONTHS EARLY.  

She achieved the 100k financial goal 1 MONTH EARLY.  

The business grew from less than 30k to 100k in a SHORT 10 months.  

In her very first 10 months, full-time online, Artemis helped almost 200 TOTAL clients with her online coaching and workshops:

1:1 Coaching: 40+ clients

Workshops: 100+ students

Hormone Reset: 30+ clients (and she launched this program in LATE 3rd quarter 2019!)


After achieving her goal of building a 6-figure business, Artemis’ next two goals were to:


Pivot her business from Strength and Nutrition Coaching to Business Coaching for Strength and Fitness Coaches; 


To grow the business to multiple 6-figures. 

Within 12-weeks of launching this business pivot, Artemis had a full client roster of 16 clients and the business had its first $25k month, up $10k from its previous highest month of $15k.

About Eric

Eric incorporates 20 years as an athletic trainer, strength coach, and post-rehabilitation specialist to mentor and coach you to have a thriving online business!  

Eric has developed thriving and profitable systems in the collegiate setting as well as the private sector.

Eric helped to take Boston University’s (BU) Athletic Training Services out of the Athletic Department, to become a thriving unit in Student Health Services.  A place where all athletic trainers were recognized and paid as healthcare professionals.

Eric continued on from BU to build a brick and mortar business called Iron Body Studios in Boston MA.  

Iron Body Studios was recognized as a TOP 10  training facility by Men's Health in 2016. 

Recently, Eric has continued to develop systems to help online businesses thrive.  His most recent venture was into full time online hormone optimization, rehabilitation and strength training.

Eric has now evolved to work on a daily basis with 1:1 business clients and group coaching programs to help healthcare providers and fitness professionals build thriving online businesses.  He strives to help athletic trainers finally make their worth, helping his clients to build 6 figure businesses.

Eric created the back end business marketing systems such as, Program Leadpages, Website, Podcast, to help GROW EmpowerU Online Coaching from an average of $8.5k months with the highest month at $15k to $25k months.

Eric incorporates time-tested money mindset methods to help you overcome the challenges of building a thriving online business.  His years of clinical insight and also backend development help to evolve all athletic training and fitness professionals to become thriving online fitness and rehabilitation moguls.

1:1 Business Coaching includes:  


✔ Access to TWO coaches - Artemis AND Eric

Twice monthly 90-minute coaching calls via ZOOM

✔ Unlimited support via SLACK in between calls

✔ Complete access to all 26 of the EmpowerU Business Academy Levels 1 and 2 Training Modules

✔ Homework and goal-focused tasks so that you achieve your business goals


Upon submission, your application will be reviewed. We will contact you within 72 hours if you look to be a good fit for any next steps. 
Please note: Submission does not guarantee a coaching spot.
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