The EmpowerU Passive Income System

The Empowered Entrepreneur’s roadmap to working once and getting #paid for years.

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Learn the PROVEN system we teach our students to help them make money in their sleep.

Do you feel like you're trapped in your business, trading time for not-enough money?

If your business runs on 1:1 services and calls, it requires your full attention and energy to make a dollar.

In this masterclass, we are going to teach you how to create passive income products like:

► Evergreen offers

► Digital courses


► A FREE lead magnet 

A lead magnet is a free high-quality product designed to attract and solve a problem for your ideal client in exchange for their email address.

A lead magnet is an important part of the top-end of your funnel which can be marketed organically on social media and via paid digital ads.

When a lead opts-in to your lead magnet, they will be automatically entered into an email nurture sequence that welcomes and onboards them to your brand.

Over the course of a couple days, the email sequence will lead them through to the purchase of a lower-ticket evergreen product, like a course or DIY.

Your ad > your lead > your nurture sequence > your sale

And you don’t lift a finger.


Beyond creating evergreen products and digital courses for passive income, we will also teach you one of the secrets of the millionaire mind:

How to plant the seeds of your revenue and grow a garden of passive income wealth.

We teach you strategies like investing in The Golden Goose.


You become wealthy by increasing your income.


Your income is your seed money. The only way you can grow it into a garden of wealth is to plant it.

Let your money work for you.

Hey, we’re Artemis and Eric, owners of EmpowerU Online Coaching, and we have been stuck in the 1:1 trap, just like you.

We’ve experienced this multiple times in our businesses-- first when we owned our brick-and-mortar gym, and then again when we hit our first 6-figures with our online business.

When we owned the gym, we traded time for money with 1:1 clients for the first 2 ½ years.

Then we hired a business coach and overhauled our business plan. We changed our offer stack from 1:1 to classes, small group coaching, in person workshops, and a side business of online coaching.

Then we closed the gym and grew our online business from part-time to full-time. 

In our first 6-figure year, we were churning 1:1 coaching calls day and night like we were on an assembly line.

At one point Artemis was serving 17 1:1 clients!

Once we started to add up the hours she was spending with each client each week, there was no time left.

Of course burnout was inevitable.

We decided to stop the 1:1 madness and shift our business away from trading time for money.

We decided to get paid for the results that we delivered AND increase our revenue streams with passive income.

Thanks to well-designed automations and evergreen content, we literally make money in our sleep.

Stop trading time for money, and set your business up to make you money while you sleep!

In this 90-minute masterclass, we will teach you how to:

  • Make money while you sleep, shower, run errands, spend time with your people, and go on vacation
  • Teach it live ONCE and sell it forever
  • Activate “launch without launching” sales strategies that don’t require sales calls
  • Nurture your audience to convert leads to sales


We paid for our 2019 Hawaii vacation while we were on it.

We launched a DIY course right before we left for vacation.

We were making sales on the beach, while we were snorkeling, and while we were having sunset happy hour.

We were getting PAID to be on vacation

The funny thing is that we actually ENJOYED marketing this program while we were on vacation.

We were doing less, attracting more, and having fun along the way.

Every time we checked the sales it was like a game: 

OMG! The pre-sale list maxed out on pre-sale day!”

LOOK! We sold 10 more!” 

*while hiking to the beach* “5 more!”

When: Tuesday August 31, 2021 from 2pm - 3:30pm Pacific Time

Where: ZOOM (register to get the link)

What: A 90-minute masterclass about how to create passive income

Who: With your coaches Artemis & Eric


Learn the PROVEN system we teach our students to help them make money in their sleep.