EmpowerU Business Academy


Go from burnt out fitness and healthcare professional to a money-making online mogul.

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Are you ready for the first-ever of its kind? A 12-week program to teach you all the things you need to make your online business the greatest success?

Our personalized 12-week group program will take you from overworked personal trainer to fitness mogul…


🗹   Consistently generate income without having to be in the gym with clients every second of the day by learning the art of social media marketing

🗹   Win back your free time and create a lifestyle you love by earning more than enough income to take time off to eat out at your favorite restaurants, spend time with friends and family, and enjoy vacations.

🗹   Become a leader and CEO that controls her business like a BOSS and lives the life of an empowered entrepreneur, instead of stressed out solopreneur.

🗹   Create a scalable business that has almost limitless growth potential with a predictable model that you can use over and over again.

🗹   Bring in a downpour of new leads and easily market your services with a program unlike anything else in the market that has clients lining up to work with you.

🗹   Become a sought-after fitness influencer and grow your network to all corners of the industry via speaking engagements, podcast interviews and media opportunities.


Best of all… once and for all break the hamster wheel cycle of back to back clients, unpredictable income, and getting screwed over by clients and gym owners…in fact, stop working face to face if you want!

This 12 week academy is the crash course in business you have been looking for.

What’s included in the program:

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P.S. Just one last thing to mention…

Spots are VERY limited since we are very hands-on with our academy members. So act quickly before they are GONE.

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