I Am Not Afraid To Lift®

Mentorship Group Coaching Program

Go from Personal Trainer to Badass Fitness Entrepreneur with My Simple Formula for Running 5-Figure Women’s-Only Strength Workshops

…And finally stop trading your time for money, escape endless back-to-back 1:1 sessions and never again get screwed by clients.

PLEASE NOTE: This program is only for motivated, strong and independent female personal trainers and coaches with an established reputation in the fitness industry who love empowering women and are prepared for rapid growth in their business.

Female personal trainers and fitness coaches, listen here for a hot second because we’re about to get REAL…

Working in the fitness industry has always been your dream, hasn’t it?

Let’s not sugar coat it, though. Spending all day everyday coaching 1-on-1 can become a grind after a while…

Sure, you still LOVE training clients.

Of course you do…

Making your clients healthy, strong and motivated is why you do what you do. It gives you purpose.

But, let’s be real now, the realities of building, running and growing a profitable fitness business as an overworked solopreneur can drain every cell in your body…

Take a moment to think deeply, and ask yourself if you can relate to what comes next…

A) You’ve been running your personal training business for a few years, but you’re stuck in the “hamster wheel” of finding clients with no way to grow your business to the next level

Starting out, you used to spring out of bed energized each day. But things have waned…

You struggle to consistently bring in the number of clients you want, regularly get screwed over by clients, and it’s next to impossible to predict income from one week to the next.

You’re overwhelmed and stressed… with so much on your plate you barely have a spare minute to spend with friends and family.


B) You’ve experienced success with your fitness business over the years but now you crave the opportunity to step back from gruelling 1:1 training and build a hands-off business

After being in the game a while, you make a good, steady income with your fitness business.

Most struggling coaches would trade places with you in a heartbeat!

But you’ve got to a point deep in your career where you feel like you are stagnating.

Everyday blends into the next.

You crave more leadership, less ‘hands-on’ hours in the gym and more income – without continuing to trade your time for money.

So, which one are you… A) or B)?

Either way, I’m going to show you how you can finally go from overworked, time-poor solopreneur to badass female fitness entrepreneur!

(Using the fitness knowledge and experience you already have)

Your first, empowering step starts with being honest with yourself and asking if any of the following is holding you back…

  • You’re stuck as a ‘One Woman Show’ trying to juggle everything yourself 

Coaching, marketing, customer service, accounting… ahhh! You put on your Superwoman cape and try and do it all yourself 24/7. This leaves about, oh, 15 spare minutes of “You” time each day. Is that any way to live?

  • Your business depends entirely on you being in the gym ALL THE TIME

You’re so over trading your time for money. You know deep down a real business is one you can step away from and act as a leader. But you haven’t been to business school, where do you even start?

  • You try and establish work “boundaries” but they crumble like sand castles 

You start coaching at 4am and finish at 9pm – and spend every minute in between taking phone calls and checking emails. You feel like a slave to your personal training schedule, and it’s eating away at your quality of life. 

  • It feels like you’re delivering the same programs over and over like Groundhog Day 

You’ve noticed things have barely changed for months. And you worry your clients get the same feeling, and that they are starting to get bored with training. In short, you’re fresh out of ideas… 

  • Clients tell you they want results but getting them to actually follow through is a never-ending challenge 

You know your programs work but no matter what or how hard you try, for many clients you just can’t motivate them. They’re held back by deeper mental barriers you just can’t breakthrough! 

  • You lack the coaching confidence you need to run lucrative group training 

You know the 1:1 route isn’t the path to success – unless you can clone yourself, that is! But the idea of coaching large groups (where all the real money is) frightens the hell out of you. 

Above all else, despite all your passion, drive and hard work, you haven’t reached your full potential and become the leader and entrepreneur you are supposed to be. Until now, that is…

This is Your (Almost Unfair) Competitive Advantage in Today’s Overcrowded, Ultra-Competitive Fitness Industry… 

When you look at trainers packed into gyms across America, ever get the feeling everyone is…

Teaching the EXACT same thing…?

Competing for the EXACT same clients…?

And marketing in the EXACT same way…?

Yeah, me too…

It’s no surprise the fitness industry is one of (if not THE) most competitive industries on the planet. And, unless you do something differently, it’s only going to get harder…

So, here’s where you say to yourself, “Hell yeah, I’m going to do things differently…” and take your coaching, income and leadership to the next level with my…

I Am Not Afraid To Lift® Mentorship Group Coaching Program 

For the first time ever, I’m going to share with you my personal strength workshop program that has added multiple 6 figures to my business by teaching everyday women to get hella strong.

With my ‘Done-for-You’ strength training workshop model, you’ll learn how to design, run and market lucrative FEMALE-ONLY strength workshops.

My personalized mentorship will take you from overworked personal trainer to fitness mini mogul… 

  • Consistently generate income without having to be in the gym with clients every second of the day by learning the art of delegating to a coaching team.
  • Win back your free time and create a lifestyle you love by earning more than enough income to take time off to eat out at your favorite restaurants, spend time with friends and family, and enjoy vacations. 
  • Become a leader and CEO that controls her business like a BOSS and lives the life of an empowered entrepreneur, instead of stressed out solopreneur. 
  • Create a scalable business that has almost limitless growth potential with a predictable model that you can use over and over again. 
  • Bring in a downpour of new leads and easily market your services with a program unlike anything else in the market that has women lining up to work with you. 
  • Become a sought-after fitness influencer and grow your network to all corners of the industry via speaking engagements, podcast interviews and media opportunities. 

Best of all… once and for all break the hamster wheel cycle of back to back clients, unpredictable income, and getting screwed over by clients and gym owners… 

This is the Only Women’s Strength Workshop Mentoring Program of its Kind, and This is Your Ticket In… 

What’s included in the program:

6 Months of Group Coaching

Twice monthly group coaching calls to help you schedule, market and teach your first workshop. Plus, bonus orientation call prior to the live event!

Managing the business side of workshops from marketing, pricing, securing a venue and more.

The importance and benefits of strength training to prove being strong trumps what the scales say and being “toned” – and how to educate women about these truths.

Building a strong and positive mindset by learning how to pair teaching lifts with techniques.

The “secret sauce” of mastering the “psychological” skill to motivate and get results for even the most stubborn clients

Exclusive permission to use the Lift® brand and license to use the I Am Not Afraid To Lift® name to promote your workshop.

Access to the Lift® Mentorship SLACK Channel for additional support and community during the 6-month group coaching program.

Access to the Private Lift® Mentorship Facebook Group for ongoing support and community beyond the 6-month group coaching program.

2-Day Live Mentorship Event

A step-by-step blueprint to set-up and structure your first workshop.

How to teach a workshop to capture your audience, get them to identify with you and build a strong mindset.

How to confidently speak publicly to own the room, inspire and captive your groups of clients – no matter how big they are.

How to tailor the workshop to YOU to match your coaching style and expertise to attract a group of YOUR ideal clients.

Live marketing brainstorming and planning to maximize the reach and attendance of your workshop.

The airtight contracts you need in place to cover your legal bases and protect your behind.

How to apply to get the workshop approved for CEUs so what you learn is an official part of your professional development.

Two-day access to the Live Event June 12-13, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

FREE Lodging to the Live event if you sign up by April 30, 2020



Plus, so much more…

It's literally no exaggeration when I say, I give you EVERYTHING you need to generate a month’s income in ONE DAY with incredibly easy-to-organize workshops…

….all you need to do is decide if you are serious about going to the next level with your fitness business.


*Remember, places are extremely limited and open only to 10 female coaches. You must apply today to be considered. Applications close May 30th 2020. BONUS: If you sign up by April 30, 2020 then your lodging for the Live Event is FREE!









What People Are Saying...

“I have been working out for many years now, but truly got into strength training in 2012. My husband, Chris, is a gym owner and he is always going to seminars. When he caught wind of the (very first) September 2014 NYC “I Am Not Afraid to Lift®” workshop by Artemis, he thought it would be a great idea for me to go. I was really excited about attending as I had very little experience training with kettlebells and was eager to learn more.  

I already knew I loved lifting and the awesome feeling that goes along with getting stronger, but I wasn’t, however, completely aware of what I was capable of. Artemis’ workshop certainly helped me in this aspect… I decided I would attempt my first-ever weighted pull-up with a 10kg (22lbs) kettlebell, after only having done my body weight before. First attempt was a success! I also set a PR for myself when I double kettlebell cleaned two 45lbs bells (also a great feeling!).  

 After the seminar, that very day, I decided I wanted to set specific goals for myself andbegin training to obtain my StrongFirst Level I Kettlebell Instructor Certification. Within just a week or so of attending the NYC seminar, my husband and I were enrolled in the SFG certification course. Mission accomplished: We are both now StrongFirst Certified Level I Kettlebell instructors, and I have to say that attending Artemis’ seminar is what set the wheels in motion for me wanting to learn more and see what other things I was capable of.  

Almost exactly a year after attending her seminar, my husband hosted Artemis at our gym, Beyond Strength Performance NOVA, where I was able to witness others (myself included, again) see what they were truly capable of.  

Artemis is certainly someone I look up to for her knowledge, enthusiasm, and hunger for strength. I owe her a lot of credit for getting me on the track to becoming stronger and more confident.”

Jessica M.

“Looking back, not only did I Am Not Afraid To Lift® teach me some cool technique and programming, it really taught me to seek out, encourage, foster and disciple with other women athletes. A year ago, I trained alone. Now I train with a woman partner. I go more out of my way to mentor female nurses, medical students, and residents, and to empower women who have all sorts of bodies and all types of goals. Honestly, I think I Am Not Afraid To Lift® helped me to more clearly see the palpable value in putting that energy out there. Thank you.”

Catherine M.

“The opportunity to challenge myself in certain exercises was fantastic. Artemis fostered a safe, yet motivating environment and this I achieved a 10kg (22lbs) weighted pull up for the first time.  

 As a group fitness instructor, I have attended numerous workshops. However, none have inspired me as much as I Am Not Afraid To Lift® has. Not only was Artemis physically exceptional, her ability to coach and motivate was outstanding. I have a renewed my enthusiasm for strength training and cannot stop talking about how amazing my experience was. I achieved a personal record for my pull up and the confidence it has given me, has transferred into other areas of my life. Thanks Artemis.”

Lucy M.

Nicci M.

Let me make this clear, this isn’t some half-baked video course that leaves you stranded on your own… I will personally mentor you

This whole program is personal.

I’m right there with you the whole time, Sis.

Got questions? I got answers.

Need a little extra support? Hit me up, girl.

Pumped with your success and want to #humblebrag? You know I’m listening!

Join the ‘Sisterhood of Strength’ and Build an Engaged, Female-Led Community that is Utterly Devoted to Getting Strong

My workshops go WAY beyond just being a training session. They’re an experience that builds an inspired, unbreakable community of amazing women.

This is a women-led movement.

And this your chance to be out front, leading it…


*Remember, places are extremely limited and open only to 10 female coaches. You must apply today to be considered. Applications close May 30, 2020. BONUS: Sign-up by April 30, 2020 and your lodging for the Live Event is FREE!


Making women everywhere stronger physically and mentally…

Who am I and why should you listen to me anyway…? 

Well, to start… I’ve got over 17 years of experience in the fitness industry.

And these workshops? They aren’t just some idea I’ve cooked up.

For the past six years, I’ve run dozens of workshops around the world, adding multiple 6-figures in revenue to my business. 

Before I started running workshops, I was stuck in the grueling 1:1 training cycle. (Sound familiar?) 

But ever since my first I Am Not Afraid To Lift® workshop in 2014, things have been VERY different. 

Now I own my time and never have to worry about where to find my next client. 

“It’s my experience that once women learn how to lift, become strong and discover how capable they are, they come to love their bodies and get addicted to the feeling of confidence and empowerment.” 

What you probably can’t tell by looking at me is that I was a ballet dancer from age 3 to 27. 

At age 32, I turned Kung Fu Black Belt. 

Then at 38, I became an “Iron Maiden”. At age 39, a powerlifter. 

Through all of my athletic endeavors, I realized that, “I wasn’t afraid to lift”… 

Now, it’s your turn to give this same empowering self-belief to women – and build a highly-successful fitness business along the way. 

Artemis Scantalides, NASM-CPT, StrongFirst Team Leader, Elite Instructor, & “Iron Maiden”, Kung Fu Black Belt, CK-FMS, DVRT I, Pn1

Meet Your Senior Mentor

You don’t just get to work with me personally…

You’ll have direct support and mentorship from Eric Gahan.

Eric has 20 years of experience in sports medicine, athletic training, teaching, leadership and mentorship.

He’s worked with professional athletes at the tier 1 colleges, like University of Kentucky St. Bonaventure and Ole Miss. And was a Head Physiotherapist / Head Athletic Trainer with Cirque du Soleil.

And he knows a thing or two about building a business, too…

In 2016, Eric helped build Iron Body Studios, a top 10 gym in America. More recently focusing this expertise on online training, fitness, healthcare provider mentorships, and empower female coaches to teach and profit from launching the powerful I Am Not Afraid To Lift® Workshop.

Eric Gahan MS, LAT, ATC, CSCS, SFG

What People Are Saying...

The first time I attended “I Am Not Afraid to Lift®” workshop was in NYC in 2015. 

Artemis’ knowledge and approach to teaching kettlebells got me hooked. She has a way of empowering and bringing people together. This workshop helped me believe in my ability to become proficient in kettlebell training. 

I began training with Artemis’ and Eric’s gym shortly after but that didn’t stop me from attending multiple I am Not Afraid to Lift® workshops especially when they moved to Las Vegas. 

I learned how to do deadlifts during one of her workshops, something that I never thought I would be able to do. 

I love the energy that is generated not only by her but also by the participants during these workshops. 

It has become a community for me. There are usually several familiar faces and new people to connect to. 

Also, it helps me fine tune techniques and a way to check in with myself regarding how I feel my training is going. In my most recent workshop, I realized I was not using my abs enough when doing hanging leg raises which was something I can directly alter in the gym. 

I make it point to attend one of her Lift workshops yearly and something I look forward to.

Michelle S.

Let me make it clear… I am VERY selective about who I work with…

This exclusive group coaching program is open to only 10 women.

Not any ordinary women, either.

You must be driven, motivated and ready to take massive action like you never have before in your life.

Answer a few questions today to find out if you qualify…


*Strictly limited to only 10 highly motivated female fitness coaches. You must have at least a few years’ experience in the fitness industry to be considered.

*Applications close May 30, 2020. BONUS: Sign-up by April 30, 2020 and your lodging for the Live Event is FREE!

Now, if you are like most female coaches and personal trainers…

1. You probably feel ‘guilty’ about the idea of not providing clients with 1-on-1 attention… 

First up, this is TOTALLY natural. 

But, breathe easy, my group workshop training isn’t any less hands-on or personal. It’s structured in a way that still gives each one of your clients the attention and support they need.

2. You get nervous about the idea of starting something new and committing to a fresh direction for your business…

I get it, you’re crazy busy as it is.

The idea of launching something new and extra work makes your knees shake. You don’t want to overcommit yourself (again).

Know this, my program is specially designed to fit into even the busiest schedule. It gives you an exact plan to follow – and when you do, you’ll actually get MORE time back in your life.

3. You’re waiting for the ‘Perfect Time’ to make a change in your business and life…

With any big decision in life, you want to wait for that perfect moment when the universe, stars and your life all align. It’s human nature.

But there’s no such thing as the “perfect time”. And if you keep waiting for it, opportunity will pass you by.

It’s not about feeling 100% ready. It’s about feeling fear and certainty and COMMITTING anyway. And when you do, you’ll achieve more than you ever imagined.

So, ask yourself… are you ready to finally realize what you’re capable of, build the life you wanted when you got into the fitness industry, and inspire women to get strong and change their lives?


*Strictly limited to only 10 highly motivated female fitness coaches. Only women with an established reputation in the fitness industry will be accepted.

*Applications close May 30, 2020. BONUS: Sign-up by April 30, 2020 and your lodging for the Live Event is FREE!

P.S. Just one last thing I want to mention…

Imagine the feeling of knowing you can run a one-day workshop that relieves all pressure on you financially and gives you back your time…

Really think about it and what it would mean for your life.

No more chasing individual clients and slaving away hour by hour, like every other trainer.

Instead, you’ll be able to run a single workshop a month and generate thousands in extra income that would normally take about 50 hours of 1:1 client work.

Even better, once you know how to run strength workshops, you can repeat them time and again to bring in more cashflow and build a more successful business.

It becomes just like flicking a switch…


*Remember, places are extremely limited and open only to 10 female coaches. You must apply today to be considered. Applications close May 30, 2020. BONUS: Sign-up by April 30, 2020 and your lodging for the Live Event is FREE!