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Stop The Money Struggle Madness


What you get…

→ An Introduction Training and Pre-Program Homework. (Value: $200!)

5 Training Modules with Artemis and Eric, that teach you our signature money mastery framework and help you to learn how to integrate the practical principles and spiritual strategy. (Value: $12,000!)

Day One Training

  • Identify limiting beliefs, past trauma and experiences that shaped these beliefs
  • Clear the space to receive
  • Tell a NEW Money Story
  • Learn the importance of forgiveness and FORGIVE!

→ Day Two Training

  • Learn how to close open money loops and how to love and respect money.
  • An introduction to the energetics of money.
  • Learn how to identify your present, different energies around money and how to implement a practice of shifting from scarcity to abundance.
  • The “Choose Again” method.
  • Learn about the importance of gratitude and how to apply that to money.

→ Day Three Training

  • Dive deeper into the energetics of money.
  • Learn how to shift QUICKLY from scarcity to abundance.
  • Learn specific strategies for shifting from scarcity to abundance and identify which methods work best for you.
  • 9-step Manifestation Process

Day Four Training

  • Learn how to keep money and get comfortable with having money as your new normal.
  • Intentional spending and the importance of releasing money to have more money.
  • How to get excited when you make a purchase and the importance of “feel good” vibes when you spend money.

Day Five Training

  • A review of Days 1-4 to make sure that you are able to integrate all of the practical principles and spiritual strategies of the EmpowerU signature Money Framework.
  • What do you do when it looks like “It’s not working!”
  • What’s next on the journey to money mindset and manifestation mastery?

BONUS Day Six Training

  • Money mindset and business/entrepreneurship.
  • Feeling guilty charging money for services and receiving money for services.
  • Selling is the sacred vehicle by which people receive your gifts.
  • Discounting and giving away things for free. does you and the other person a disservice.
  • The energetics of sales.

LIFETIME access to the recordings of all the trainings via our education portal.

PRIVATE Facebook group for community and support from other students and the EmpowerU Team. 

→ TWO Coaches, Artemis & Eric. (Value: Priceless!)

→ Daily TRANSFORMATIONAL homework designed to prompt you and support you and as you dig deep into the course content! It will provide you with an inspiring record of the goals you set, the process you went through, and the progress you made as your desires materialize!

→ Daily Affirmations and Meditations that will help you to shift your mindset, affirm your NEW ABUNDANT Money Story and integrate the practical principles and spiritual strategy of our signature money mastery framework!

A value of OVER $12,200 and you get all of this for ONLY $497!